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Ensuring compliance standards across multiple schools requires systems and checks that are second to none. If your organisation is a multi-academy trust (MAT), a local authority, a cluster or a federation then EdSafe is the perfect solution. All of these multi-site organisations have similar issues to manage:

  • Ensuring visibility of compliance levels across all sites, from a hawk’s eye perspective.

  • Making sure that all schools in the group meet the same standards and are on an auditable improvement programme.

  • Providing high quality, professional safety advice to multiple schools, with a balanced and proportionate approach.

  • Disseminating information and resources through a common, easy to use cloud-based system.

Our clients include the largest MATs in the UK and they love the fact that they can understand where their compliance strengths and weaknesses lie, at a glance. The audits provide the on-the-ground checks and the online system ensures that everyone is doing what is expected of them, whilst being able to access professional advice whenever they need it.

If you would like to get in contact, we can tell you about the discounts that we can offer on multi-site subscriptions.

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