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Make your life easier and soothe those worries!

At the very heart of EdSafe lies ‘Handsam Cloud’, our safety and compliance management system. It is browser-based and so there is no software to install and nothing for you to host – we take care of everything.

The system helps you manage and record all of your school’s health, safety, welfare and security responsibilities. It is effectively an extra member of your team! Using EdSafe will make your life easier whilst creating a full audit trail of all of your compliance actions as you go. It comes packed full of fantastic features designed to make life easier. You can:

  • Use the powerful task manager to create a register of tasks to help you fulfil your legal duties and allow you to manage your audit results.

  • Assign tasks to individuals and help them to record what they have done in response, along with any supporting evidence.

  • Record which tasks have been completed, by whom and when.

  • Set and manage reminders of tasks to be completed.

  • Glance at the compliance dashboard to see the ‘live compliance meter’.

  • Access a comprehensive library of resources such as pro formas, policies, procedures, risk assessments and guidance.

  • Click through to guidance and literature, which appears as context specific links as well as being searchable.

  • Add links to your own documents, policies and procedures – meaning that everything will be on hand in the future, wherever you are.

EdSafe becomes the hub for safety, maintenance and welfare compliance in a school. Your audit will uncover the gaps and then you will have the peace of mind of knowing that what needs to be managed is actually getting done – or else you can measure if it’s not!

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